The world of otome games is tough for mobs volume 5 illustration

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But this time mc is instead a guy reincarnated into the game as a mob character he's not even the game's original capture target also, it seems the game world setting is that women are treated as superior and men as plebs.

The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs

Of course, There is always an exception to the rule and those are the group of handsome crown-prince Army leaders who are none other than the original captive target of the game, too bad those person are not our MC. And with such unreasonable circumstances, he has to find a way to survive such game world where his only advantage is his previous game knowledge from when his cheeky sister forced him to play the game sometimes ago probably counting on him to do all the tedious hard work figuring out end game routes so she could come back and watch all unlocked scenes or something.

I've read plenty of female mc reincanated into otome game as villainess. But never as male mc reincarnated into otome game as a fodder guy and it peaks my interest. More importantly, author previously wrote LN "Sevens" and "Dragoon" which was pretty well received by western fan based on novelupdates. So he has experiences with writing stuffs.

I've also read both of his previous works and I can say I'm a big fan of Sevens Dragoon was alright but not as good as Sevens to me, but let's set that aside for now with how he handle the plots progress and romance aspect.

Honestly, I haven't personally check out the content that far yet and I'm only counting on the fact that. I'm definitely going to check it out soon though. Micro Magazine. Volume 1 Just came out June But the WN should already have enough material to adapt 3 volume and he's working on WN 4th arc which should be for the 4th volume k character counts so far. More importantly, Author followed through with finishing both of his previous works "Sevens" and "Dragoon" so I have I high hope that author would also properly finishes up this story.

Edit1: Got manga adaptation now!

the world of otome games is tough for mobs volume 5 illustration

I kind of like the idea of an underdog protagonist smashing flags, and it could be good. Sevens was good for a while, though it went on too long, or at least the WN did. My guess was that the capture targets weren't so 'clean' personality wise to begin and perhaps MC is utilizing that to his advantage.

I just bought the book so I'll check it out. Although if you wanted to check some illustrations legally then there's a free sample reading link from ebook store here. I can see where you're coming from with Sevens. Although I was alright with it because I started binging the series in one go after it was completely translated so the more chapters the better. Dragoon on the other hand I read when it was barely 50 chapters and while I liked it I feel the pacing at the end could have been handled better.Discussion in ' Spoilers ' started by lazynoodlesNov 4, Log in.

Novel Updates Forum. I want to know who does the sister reincarnate as? Does the elder brother get revenge on that 2-faced sister of his. The MC's sister reincarnated in Marie.

What sister? The past life or his new life? Yes, both are bad sisters, poor mc. HappyNeetNov 5, Was she really going on paid dates before? You know what? Marie Deliberately destroys all the flags meant for Olivia the true Heroine if the story. Then she goes on seduce in a very literal meaning all the capture targets. She even talks about taking contraception with all the different guys she has already slept with.

In original world I think before he died her brother outed her for basically for a prostitutute where in she was booted from her house. Her constant complaint was that she had to work hard flirting with all the men in the shop and then latched in to popular but useless man in the end.

That she wants to deeply immerse herself with good looking men and wealth. To Marie there too 3 shitty guys in the world 1. Then later forced to the front lines as the Saint where she tries to put up a fight then later crumples. She curls up in ball and starts crying.

Due to her bad showing as a Saint - she is to be executed. Well - she finally shows her true self. To everyone. Then reminiscies her brother always getting her out of trouble.

That he may had a nasty mouth but he took better care of better than anyone. After he died she remembers being slapped and chased out. The men that should have loved her and the Saint position if she would just give MC to her so everything will return the way it should be in her head.

the world of otome games is tough for mobs volume 5 illustration

Last edited: Nov 10, Also, he plans on leaving his wife to die in the war like she did to many of her previous husbands. There full on war going on and you can only think of yourself? Your kinda pathetic.

SinasColaNov 11, After the war mc begged to the queen. He said you can take my everything please don't kill them his sister and capture targets in the prison they did something and caused o lot of damage Quenn accepted because they need a saint but capture targets lost their position I think. Heroine and prince's ex fiance confessed to mc.The group led by Julian was essentially one that was in the middle while following behind the one in front.

There was also a group behind him, so Julian and his teammates were protected both from the front and back. Greg was the only one accustomed to a dungeon, but perhaps thinking that there was no meaning to the academy preparing a venture of this level, seemed to be leisurely.

For Julian, Marie was a girl who gave a fresh impression, the type that nobody in the royal palace had. Marie appeared when Julian was alone, since sometimes his relation with Anjelica got troubling and bothersome, and then took an impolite attitude as she got angry.

He never experienced a girl of the same age getting angry at him, and was surprised when Marie got a little rough, slapped him, and scolded him like she was his mother. Those raised in the royal palace are weak against feudal lord nobles, like Marie, who are more strong-willed than they seem. However, I cannot overlook you being impolite towards his Highness. My bad. They were in a dungeon. It would especially be frightening to use guns in this passage since it could lead to friendly fire.

Jilk and the girls had a handgun for self-defense, but the boys were not allowed to carry firearms. At any rate, six of them is a lot. Your Highness, please step back. While being surprised by Julian taking a fighting stance, Jilk took out his handgun.

Jilk was exceptional at handling small arms, so despite him being a boy, he was allowed to possess one. There were two pairs of six people that were protecting Julian and the others. They were supposed to be the opponents of the monsters. Wielding his spear that had an ornament attached which was the same color of red as his hair and eyes, Greg leaped forward, pushed aside the guarding students, and swung his weapon down to strike a target.

While a squashed giant ant was wrapped in black smoke, two more approached and tried to sandwich Greg. When he raised his spear, one of them had already been bisected by a slash, while the other was roasted in flames.

When Julian wiped the sweat on his cheeks, he noticed that he was trembling. Then, he struck his sword onto the ground, causing a stone to bounce upon contact. Then, when Marie took her hands off, he saw that the wound had disappeared. Noticing that she wanted him to remain silent about it, Julian closed his mouth. For Julian, Marie, who had worried about him even after the fight ended, seemed more pleasant than Anjelica, who tried to stop him when he was about to enter battle.

A teacher was waiting there to make sure that no student would get carried away and keep going, so when we arrived, we ended up having to wait for the others to come. As expected of a fantasy world, the metal that popped out of the dirt had taken on the hues of iron, copper, and other various colors, as if they had already been refined.

I shed tears in my gratitude. While calculating how much this stack of treasure would sell for, I explained the matter of demon stones. Darn, I need to earn more. I still have the tea utensils I bought from last time, but once I start purchasing the tea leaves and sweets, the expenses will soon rise from one hundred dia to two hundred dia, and so on. When monsters are killed, their magic power is released and accumulates into the ground. That accumulation takes the form of a demon stone.The students were watchfully waiting while clinging to the walls, but there was a group in the center being noisy.

In the center were five people surrounding Marie. If you know the character of that person, why do you still accept her?! I definitely would hate it if something like that were to happen, but the prince seemed to think that it was fine. She took an attitude that would make someone want to protect her, while Anjelica on the hand wore a red dress, makeup, and appeared to shine.

When Anjelica looked at her surroundings, the rich students and her supposed followers both turned away. I felt that Chris had smiled for just a moment when looking at Marie. He was a guy that would keep a blank expression while swinging his sword, but when he made that expression, the girls around him had blushed. I felt it was praise-worthy that he was able to make such a confession while all the students were watching.

However, I cannot forgive your attitude towards Marie. As if deciding on something, she then took on a blank expression like she had given up. The light in her eyes had disappeared, and I felt that I could see something dark dwelling within. While Marie was taken aback, the thing that Anjelica threw had fallen to the floor. It was a white glove. However, there are no complaints when a girl has a representative take her place. In the game, a boy the protagonist has raised the love meter with would take on the duel proposed to the her by the duke woman.

The prince, looking at his fiance with a look of scorn while furrowing his eyebrows, seemed to be reaching the peak of his anger. I will take your side.

According to the rules of the academy, girls are not limited to one boy as their representative. I declare that I will also participate. I will accept this duel. Kyle was amazed by the heroic image his master was portraying.

This boy, who had a bit of a sharp tongue, was good-looking and had graceful movements. How about you not forget me? I can assist, you know. Is there anyone who would go up against those five people? The most frightening is Chris, the candidate for the next master swordsman. Most of the boys disliked fighting. Any normal boy would definitely reject fighting against the prince. They were acting as if she was no longer a duke woman…so maybe they thought that since she made the disgrace of causing the engagement to fall apart, her life was over.

The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs v3 Illustrations

I believe that in the game, things concluded by having some ugly man from the countryside being forced onto her. Anjelica, a girl with a violent temper who never thought about the consequences, was evidently in disorder. I felt that she was getting desperate, and her eyes told me that she wanted help.

The coldest among them was the prince. Even though she was more or less supposed to be his fiancee. Looking at her face of unease, I started wondering why this girl was here. Your opponents are his Highness and the others, you know?Arroganz was larger than ordinary armor and its massive plating made it look heavy. However, it looked completely light in the air. Up until now, he believed that Leon was able to accomplish what he did through the help of retainers.

It seemed natural that Leon would call him a Brat. Greg felt very pathetic while feeling that Leon a was stronger guy than he and the others had thought. The engines of the two airships have already halted. We only need to shoot them down. Of course, the air pirates were profitable as well. I also knew that things would get troublesome because of this half-hearted attitude I was taking. Why did you shoot? Besides, it was better if I thought of this thing as an ally.

That was considered normal in this world, but it was possible to manage if the other party was nearby. Leon, who captured the sky pirates, resumed his travel towards the semi-baron household. If that were to happen, then her household would find out. R, right, that Baltfault guy will definitely let his guard down since he has a soft spot for her.

The soldiers were on guard against us since we brought along airships that belonged to sky pirates. He felt like a middle-aged man with a tired face and a belly that stood out a bit, but he was surprised to see us. Conrad greeted Brad, not me. It seemed that he knew about Brad being the son of a margrave family.

Your daughter made a request for help, so we came here in a hurry. Everyone around turned their gazes towards Cara, and she began making excuses in a panic. Luxon had kept an eye on her, and she turned out to be a really terrible person.

The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs v1 Chapter 5 Part 3

She had recently been lacking in spirit. Was there indeed a rescue request? Cara, not being able to talk her way out of it, tried to glare at Livia, but I stepped in and obstructed her. My daughter seems confused. This was the world of that otome game. To a woman, particularly a schoolgirl in the academy, it was a kind world.

the world of otome games is tough for mobs volume 5 illustration

We were promised a remuneration if we helped.But I would rather like it if the two brother and sister reconcile. I wonder if the colored illustration is for Leon and Mary in their previous life. His sister being rotten to the core force him to play that otome game for what reason? Nothing harmful if i remember and here our mc who despise his sister who blackmailed him still played with her tricks rather than forcefully burning that damned game. Sure our mc might hate his bitchy sister but thats only on a level between brother and sister.

I mean she disses him in his monologue a lot and she seem has no qualms at all and she blames him for her miserable life even though she is the reason for his death and even though they do reconcile it will her sucking up on him cause he has the fortune.

Also, Mary is a troublemaker in nature. I hope so too, This author maybe really hate the BigBrother-LilSister Relationship truly so awful story so farbut the change of pace like that is really lit and heartwarming. Actually it was harmful for him.

the world of otome games is tough for mobs volume 5 illustration

She lied and said those yaoi collection was his and an already disappointed mother thought worse of him and treated him worse. I understand wanting her a redemption arc and kinda want it too but she gets no sympathy from me when she gets her karma. She seems to have suffered more than him in her previous life except for the one time overworking thing causing his death after falling somewhere accidentally.

It was always an option. In a sense, Leon died because he spoiled his sister rotten, and could never say no when she wanted something. I reread V1 prologue and there no line where it saying MC spoil her since kids or for long time, the only shit he need to put up other than her personality was playing that otome game.

So what? Thanks for the image of light novel. But please tell me at least this before you start back translate it, did Leon marriage both of them or what!?

Please tell me Yes or No. What about Clarice and Daodre fiancee of green Jilk and the hair drills.???The main heroine of the fifth volume is undoubtedly Noelle, but Im curious of the readers impression toward those five.

At the previous volume, even though she already made her appearance there she got overshadowed by Maries active role. Certainly she has some elements that it wont be so strange for her to get popular but, if you just count the fourth volume, her popularity is number one, overtaking even Leon.

Leon is number one in the whole, but Marie is number one if you only count the vote at fourth volume. Marie didnt only outstrip the heroines, she even outstrip the main character and took the number one spot for a single volumeamazing. The Marie route that is the reward for filling the questionnaire is also received well, I went!? The SS this time also surpassed the level of mere bonus story just like last time, so I was impressed with myself for writing that much.

The reward for filling the questionnaire of volume 5 is also the continuation of Marie route, so it will pleases me if you readers can enjoy it. Ill write the next volume with everything I have too, so please keep supporting this series too from here on. Previous chapter. You May Interesting In.

My Youth Began With Him. Back Then I Adored You. The 99th Divorce.

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