Shivyog swadhyay pdf

Shiv Yog connects a human being to the very source of creation. It starts with peace and tranquility and takes you all the way to cosmic consciousness. To learn how to become the master of your own life and destiny, we invite you to attend a Shiv Yog INTRO program at a location nearest to you or join the nearest Shiv Yog forum. Shiv Yog meditation is a potent, powerful tool to calm your mind and bring an all-pervading sense of peace into your life.

It takes you from a state of unease to a state of quiet mindfulness. To start your journey attend a Shiv Yog Intro program at a location nearest to you.

We are used to upgrading the software on every piece of equipment we have but we never upgrade the software of the most powerful machine on earth — the human organism. We never upgrade our own body and mind. As a result most human beings are content to lead lives based on scripts that came pre-loaded with their machines. Shiv Yog can help you rewrite the script of your life and help you achieve that which your heart truly seeks.

Upgrade the software of your life now! Avdhoot Shivanand. I live in Austria. Shiv Yog is promoting a healthy lifestyle. I work hard, every day, many days and my soul is now used to it. I work my soul with widita tiau sadhana that has been given to me by Shiv Yog.

I had this dream years ago too. People, life, peaceful times and happy and making big things. Thank you Bless you. Namah shivay. To be so close to go was another big experience for me and the meditations you did with us were incredible, So high energy!

And family responsibility you want to give us To hail up or Shiv Yog University in Austria makes me speechless. Thank you thank you for trusting us. Bless us that we even fulfill this job. Shiv Yog has changed me and my life completely. Shiv Yog brings the best out in me, makes me the goddess and I was always wishing for purifying myself layer by layer in shivir after shivir.

I am reborn as a better me. I find Shiv Yog, the ultimate personality in the world. Ever since then I listen to Baba ji. I heal my fear, I heal my pain, I heal my doubts. Now my life is going to change.

Shiv Yog offers a complete program for transforming all aspects of your life. Our ancients had given a lot of thought to every aspect of the life of a human being and her relationship with nature.Website: www. Namah Shivay!! Above all, mental part connects with your thought process. Food for mind is also very important.

In our Shastras they call it Swadhyay. Swadhyay is reading the divine scriptures every day. After reading the positive scriptures, the positivity of the mind increases and it becomes healthier. Healthy mind on its part, leads to an advanced spiritual state. So save this document and start reading Swadyay every day as it takes not more than a few minutes every day. Guru Khand Akhandamandalakaram Vyaptam Yena Characharam Tatpadam darshitam yena Tasmai Shree guruve namah 1 Salutions are to that Guru, who showed me the abode-the one who is to be know-whose from is the entire universe and by whom all the movable and immovables are pervded.

Agayanna-timirandhasya gayananajana-salakaya Chakshurunmilitam yena Tasmai shree guruve namah 2 Salutions are to that Guru, who opened the eye of one blind due to the darkness cover of ignorance with a needle coated with the ointment of knowledge. Gururbrahma gururvishnu gururdevo maheshvarah Gurushakshat parambrahma Tasmai shree guruve namah 3 Salutions are to that Guru, who is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer, who is the limitless one. Sthavaram jangamam vyaptam yatkinchit sacharacharam Tatpadam darshitam yena Tasmai shree guruve namah 4 Salutions are to that Guru, who showed me the One to be known, who permeates whatever is movable, immovable, sentient or insentient.

Nityanandam vyapi-yatsarvam Trilokyam sacharacharam Tatpadam darshitam yena Tasmai shree guruve namah 5 Salutions are to that Guru, who showed me the One to be known, who is the Awareness prevading the movable and immovable in the three worlds waking, dream and deep sleep Sarvashruti-shiroratna Virajita padambujah Vedantambuja suryo yah Tasmai shree guruve namah 6 Salutions are to that Guru, who is the Sun to the lotus of Vedanta and shoes lotus feet are made radient by the jewel of all Srutis Upanishads.

Chaitanyah shashvatam shantam Vyomateetam niranjanam Nadabindu kalatitam Tasmai shree guruve namah 7 OM salutions to the Guru, Who is Awareness, changeless beyond timewho is peace, beyond space, pure free from likes and dislikesand who is beyond the manifest and the unmanifest Nada, Bindu etc.

Shivyog Kriyas

Gyanshakti samarudah Tattva mala vibhushitah Bhukti mukti pradata ch Tasmai shree guruve namah 8 Salutions are to that Guru, who is rooted in knowledge that is power, adomed with the garland of truth and who is the bestower of the joy of liberation.

Aneka janma samprapta karma bandha vidahine Atma gyana pradanena Tasmai shree guruve namah 9 Salutions are to that Guru, who by bestowing the knowledge of the Self bums the bondage created by accumulated actions of innumerable births.

Shoshanam bhava sindhoshcha gayapanam sarasampadah Guru padodakam samyak Tasmai shree guruve namah 10 Om salutions to the Guru; the perennial flow of wisdom from the one rooted in the vision of the Sruti, dries up totally the ocean of transmigration samsara and reveals the essence of all wealth the freedom from want. Na Guror-adhikam tattvam Na Guror-adhikam tapah Tattvam gayanatparam nasti Tasmai shree guruve namah 11 There is nothing superior to knowledge of Truth; no Truth higher than the Truth, and there is no purifying austerity better than the Truth; Salutions to that Guru.

Mannathah shree jagannatho Madguruh shree jagadguruh Mamatma sarva bhutatma Tasmali shree guruve namah 12 Prostrations to that Guru, who is my Lord and who is the Lord of the Universe, my teacher who is the teacher of the Universe, who is the Self in me and the Self in all begins.

Brahmanandam paramasukhadam kevalam gyanamurtim Dvandvateetam gaganasadrusham tattva-masyadi-laksyam Ekam nityam vimalam achalam sarvadhee sakshi bhutam Bhava teetam triguna rahitam sadgurum tam namami 13 I bow to the Sadguru, who is the bliss of Brahman and the bestower of the highest joy.

He is the absolute. He is knowledge personified. He is beyond duality. He is one. He is etemal, pure, steady and the witness of all thoughts.

shivyog swadhyay pdf

He is beyond all modifications of mind an body and free from the three gunas. He is beyond perception, formless and without taint. He is eternal knowledge, consciousness and bliss.

Dhyan moolam gurur murtih Pooja moolam guroh padam Mantra moolam gurur-vakyam Moksha moolam guroh krupa 15 Meditate on Gurus form, worship the Gurus feet, Guru's words are mantras. Liberation is attained by Guru's grace. Tvameva mata cha pita tvameva Tvameva bandhushcha sakha tvameva Tvameva vidya dravinam tvameva Tvameva sarvam mama deva deva 16 Oh!

God of all Gods! You alone are my mother, father, kinsman, friend, the knowledge and wealth. You are everything to me. Om gyaaninaamapi chetaamsi devi bhagwatee hi saa. Balaadaakrishya mohaaye mahaamaaya Pryachchati.

Daaridraya-dukha-bhaya-haarini ka tvadanyaa Sarvopakaar karanaaya sadaardra-chittaa 2 Sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvaartha saadhike. Sharanye trayambake gauri naraayani Namostute. Bhaye-bhyas-trahi no devi durge devi namostute 5 Rogana sheshana pahamsi tushta rushta tu Kaman sakalanabhishtan.Hindu Websites sorted Category wise. Recommend Documents. Hindu Websites sorted Category wise - SaveTemples. Hindu Websites sorted Alphabetically - SaveTemples. Tentative category-wise selection list for TGT English Arbitrary Category Classification of Websites Based on Reed, M.

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BestAnswer:Aftergettinginitiationfromaguru,thenonlyBala Tripurasundariupasana worship canbedone. ThisisapartofSrividya upasana. AistandsforSaraswati,andbinduisthe dispellerofsorrow. KameansKamadeva,theLordofdesireitalsomeans LordKrishna.

Ee meanscontentmentorsatisfaction. Nadaandbindumeanthosethatbring happinessandsorrow. TheDivineEnergyinthesoundofthesyllable"Sauh" isassociatedwiththethirdeye Ajna chakra. Itisa'shakti' Power activatingsound. RelatedQuestions Hinduism Whatisthemeaningofthe followingmantras?

Tellmethemeaningwordbywordofthe Answers Flickr Tumblr More followingmantraomshirdivasayvidmahey sachidanandyadhimahitanno? AnswerQuestions Howcomenobodycaresaboutreligion? Athiestswhyisitaproblemthatpeople believewhattheybelieve? AsBala,sheis16yearsold,a virgin,veryplayfulanddear. Manytantrikdevatashavemanualsstructuredalongsimilar lines. Thedevataisfirstvisualisedasresidingintheheart,thenlaterdrawn outthroughthebreathand"placed"intheyantra. Oninstallationorinvocation, variousritualaccessoriesareoffered,andthe1,adjectives names ofthe particulardeityrecited.

TheDeviisthendrawn'back'intoone'sheart,andthe ritualconcludeswithvariouselements"cleaningup"theareaofworship. Trending WhyisitacceptableforChristianstopray overtheirmealsinrestaurants? Thefirstgivestheunfoldingofthemantra,usually incodedform. Italsodescribesthemeditationimageandtheyantraofthe devata,aswellasvariousoptionalrites. Thesecondlimbdescribestheritual worship,includingworshipoftheavaranaorattendantsofthedevata,which arereallyaspectsofthegodorgoddess.

Thekavachaisan"armour"usedto wardoffevilandwhichmayeitherberecitedorwrittenandthenwornonthe body. Thefourthlimbconsistsofthe1,names,ofwhichtherearevery manysetsinthetantrikliterature. Thefifth,theStotra,isthehymnofpraiseof theishtadevata,thetutelarydevataofatantriksadhaka.

shivyog swadhyay pdf

Theapplicationbyreadingitarethe fouraimsofMankind. ODevi,thisistheeightlettered MantraofBala. Thereare noobstacles,orimpurityorrestrictionsattachedto it,itcausesonetobecomeaSiddha,OMahadevi,andistheKingofMantras.

YahooAnswers intheKaliYuga. Meditation: LikethecolouredredraysoftheSunshiningbrightlythroughreddust,the colouroftheJaparose,holdingbook,dispellingfear,andinHerotherhands givingboonsandholdingafullyblossomedwhitewaterlotus. Thusoneshould establishinone'shearttheeternallybeautifulformBala. OnebecomesgreaterthanGodor Guru,andhasdominionandsoforthofthepartneroftheLordofthe Mountains. Thepersoninitiated inKulashouldworshiptheearthlyandmostbeautifulandalluringcourtesan.Recommend Documents.

The Golden Book article. Shivyog Kriyas Pran kriyas before any sadhna by baba jiFull description. Dale Carnegie - Golden Book. Shivyog March Full description. The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments A great book from the early 's, banned in the 's because of safty "blah blah blah". Full description.

The Golden Dawn. The Golden Pitchbookk the amazing pitchbook a real mysteryFull description. The Golden Snail Drama. The Golden Dawn Full description. The Golden book is the book where you write your own destiny.

By doing sadhana with the Golden book one materializes all that one has written in the book, in brief materializes all that one wants in life. Read ahead for more Babaji says that Golden Book is not for those who are contended in life or do not wish to bring any changes into their lives but for those who want to experience life fully and experience spiritual growth.

First thing is to buy a good beautiful golden-coated book or you may coat it with golden paper One can decorate it or put a golden cover to it to make it feel special, because basically that is what ShivYog's first step is about and on the journey we will be looking at it all the time like a traveller looks at his map!

You may buy one if the need be. Images are in the bottom of this page ahankar, kaam and krodh Babaji asks us to write about Icha not trishna desire that involves Lobh, moh, Babaji gives us the method and hope it helps those who are finding it difficult to make their Golden book: Split all your desires into three groups: 1. Short-term: Anything that you want to have soon. Mid-term: Anything that you want to have in the next few years. Long-term: Your ultimate desire.

Tips to write the Golden Book: 1. Write everything in pen and paper and avoid typing and printing. Before writing do not just think and write, but think, feel and then write. This will ensure that it is truly what you want and you are able to feel it already manifested. Write everything that you feel is need in rough and go over it again, make corrections, strike out which is not needed, prioritize all wishes in sequence.

Write everything to the minutest level and when ready, finally write it into the Golden Book. Eg: I have I will I may.Many youngsters fall in love and they lost their love for many reasons and disturb from our life many are trying attempt to suicide but not used a solution We can take help of astrologer to solve our problems they used many techniques hypnotism specialist in mumbai.

Namah shivay, "Durga Saptashati is not an event which took place. It continuously unfolds in every human being at all times. Different chapters denote different phases of the individual.

The king, once prosperous loses all his wealth to invasion by a more powerful ruler. Despite this, his consciousness and attention are constantly drawn to the kingdom, the whereabouts of his ministers and his subjects even as he roams the forests in search of solace. There he meets a Vaishy, deprived of all his wealth, abandoned by his sons and wife and evicted from his house; The Vaishy too is beleaguered and haunted by the memories of his lost kinship.

Both congregate at the hermitage ashram of Medha Maharishi. Both are irked and puzzled by the fact that despite knowing that attachment to grief and sorrow is detrimental, are unable to shed the memories of their chequered past. Both seek an answer to this conundrum of theirs from the Maharishi. Mahamaya became the factor,originated by the prayers of Lord Brahma to awaken Vishnu from His state.

Mahamaya, who had fixated Madhu and Kaitabh too, led the two demons to ask Vishnu for any wish He desired. The Lord desired that the two demons be slayed at His hands.

shivyog swadhyay pdf

But the condition from the demons was that they be killed at a place on Earth where there is no water. Thus, Lord Vishnu slayed them on His lap. Madhu and Kaitabh in the foreground Relevance to a Shiv Yogi Madhu and Kaitabh are not devils outside but the bad qualities and vices within us.

They both originated from the ear of Lord Vishnu. The underlying meaning is that the genesis and origin of these two bad qualities is when the sense of hearing is polluted and along with it intention. Madhu is false praise. One loves to inflate one's ego by hearing all good. This inflated ego is self destructive. Kaitabh is uttering negative words.

Guru Gita in Sanskrit (गुरू गीता)

Talking ill of others, called "chugli" in Hindi is a natural pass time of many people. On an individual level, hearing even constructive criticism sounds cacophonic since the ego believes the individual to be supreme and perfect. Madhu Meetha bhashan or Mridu vachan implies sweet talk meant to deceive and with an ulterior motive. Such glib talking is a vice which grows insidiously and secretly one day consumes the individual indulging in it.

Kaitabh Karwa bol refers to talking impolitely as if spewing venom. Criticizing, abusing, analyzing, passing judgements or any talk which does not have unconditional love in it on is an overarching devil too. This will over power the individual quicker than Madhu and is sure to lead one to hell and constant cycle of suffering and pain. Baba ji says that whenever the God in us is in a state of temporary sleep, devils are born.

-Shivyog Swadhyay (1)

And when is God asleep? Its when we do not engage in sadhna.Shivyog Kriyas Home Shivyog Kriyas. Pran kriyas before any sadhna by baba jiFull description Recommend Documents. Manual Kriyas Full description. Shivyog March Full description. Kriyas Desconocidas II Full description. Physical Wisdom. Kriyas en Espaol[1].

These Siddhas and Yogis were greatly influenced by their natural surroundings. They observed the animals around them and tried to understand their abilities and skills. As a result they created 84 Kriyas based on the observation of animals and nature. Everyone should practice these before Sadhana Meditation to calm the mind and attain Turya Avastha State of consciousness. Pran Kriya Sit straight and place your hands on your knees with palms facing up. Close your eyes and bring your attention in-between your eyebrows.

While i nhaling feels that you are inhaling Tranquility and infinite healing with every breath, while exhaling feel that you are giving unconditional love to the universe.

Do this 5 times. Do this for as long as you can comfortably. Then pause and repeat the deep breathing step.

shivyog swadhyay pdf

Kurm Kriya Sit straight and place your hands on your knees with palms facing up. Extend both thumbs to form a triangular shape. Now keep them below your navel so that the naval should come in the center of triangular. While exhaling from the mouth, bend your head downward as far as you can and mildly press your chin with the chest.

Do this 15 times. The first two t wo times with moderate speed, and the third time in slow speed. It increases life span 3. It increases Prana Vital life force energy 4. It calms down thoughts 5. It purifies Nadis Blood channels 6. It helps to strengthen the spine and shoulders Babaji says if you want to l ive a long and healthy life you must practice these Kriyas daily.

These are recommended to be done prior to any sadhana by everyone who wishes to progress in their spiritual path. As Babaji always says that by doing these kriyas daily in the morning, a person can completely rejuvenate his body cells and heal various parts of the body.

First do this in slow speed and then with fast speed for a minute at least. Rotate your body from knees making a circle with hips, first clockwise then anticlockwise.

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