Romanian scope

A proper scope can change your weapon from a toy into a super efficient machine. Aiming is half the job when operating a powerful weapon like the AK and to aim right; you will need an excellent scope. Your typical factory AK does not allow the placement of high-quality scopes, because of the lack of a proper mount.

Mounting Solutions Plus is here to help you out with that problem by offering you the best there is in AK high-quality mounts. These are made of highly durable materials and are very easy to integrate onto your weapon. The rails also allow you to place other types of accessories compatible with them if you desire to.

Customize your baby now and turn it into the weapon it was always intended to be with our special AK scope mounts. Your AK will feel like a different, better weapon!

The distinction between inferior quality and premium scope mount is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer mountsfrom the most trusted brands. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.

AK Scope Mount. Flashlight Mounts. Rail Mounts.

romanian scope

Side Mounts. Sight Mounts. Find the AK Scope Mount you need A proper scope can change your weapon from a toy into a super efficient machine.Scope mounts are the lug nuts of the shooting world; therefore the best should be sought after.

This is in order for one to enjoy perfect connections. All the links in a shootings system must be fitted in and installed well for one to enjoy consistency once they start using their gun.

When it comes to AK scope mounts, there are many of them to choose from. This can be a little confusing, which is why we have put together a review of the best AK scope mount to help you make the right choice:.

All its edges are smoothed and also rounded to make it safe for the user. It has an inbuilt receiver scope rail interface. Its QD system is also something worth noting as it allows for easy attachment to the gun, removal from the gun and also for quick and easy re-attachment.

AK-47 Dust Cover Rail

The scope mount has a great solid construction, which makes it very strong and definitely long lasting. It has an amazing finish too, something that attracts many buyers to it.

This is a side mount that attaches to a standard rail on the side of an AK rifle. It has been designed using simple engineering from Soviet combined with modern American styling, and given a Picatinny rail. That is why it is able to mount on any sort of scope on your AK rifle, using rings that are easily available. The mount fits so well on all AK variants. It comes well aligned, therefore you do not need to adjust anything for it to attach securely on your rifle.

The mount itself is very secure and is able to hold zero after dethatching and reinstalling. Our Rating: 4. This is the best choice for anyone looking for a quality scope mount. Its aluminum construction gives it great strength.

That is why it feels very sturdy and strong to last the user a long time. It has a hard anodized coat too, for its great look, feel and one that protects it from any damage. The mount is AK railed, featuring a 6.

The mount has been designed to attach to those rifles with an inbuilt AK receiver rail interfaces using the ADM auto lock system.

This should help with mounting low profile optics onto your rifle. It is a very strong mount, built with aluminum with a hard coat anodize. It comes with everything that you will need for a perfect mounting including AK rear rail, socket screws, head screw and nut key.The project to develop the PSL commenced after the Soviet Union ceased sharing technical information and exporting military equipment including the SVD Dragunov to Romania, as a consequence of the latter's refusal to join the Invasion of Czechoslovakia.

The PSL rifle's primary purpose is to be used by a platoon level designated marksman to engage targets at ranges beyond the capabilities of the standard issue AKM assault rifles. It is built around a stamped steel receiver similar to that of the RPK light machine gun; having a wider forward section enabling a strengthened, more substantial front trunnion.

The PSL's operation is the same long stroke piston action of the Kalashnikov family of weapons. Its appearance is similar to the Dragunov sniper rifle yet not one single part interchanges between the rifles.

The PSL is chambered for the same venerable 7. The magazine used on the PSL differs from that of Dragunov models in that it is stamped with an X shaped pattern on the side, rather than the waffle style stamp found on the Russian and Chinese magazines.

The magazines, though they are similar in shape and size, are not interchangeable between the Dragunov and PSL without modification. The PSL has been in service in Romania since the s and is widely sold on the world market. They are frequently encountered in Iraq where they appear to be quite popular. The simplicity of the rifle makes it ideal for soldiers to use and maintain.

The action, being a variant of the AKM's, is extremely reliable despite lack of maintenance, and is particularly forgiving of sand and other debris. The scope's reticle pattern is easy to use and makes range estimation quick and reasonably accurate without any mathematical calculations necessary.

With some simple instruction an average individual can be issued a PSL and successfully engage targets at ranges that far exceed the accurate capabilities of non-scoped assault rifles like the AKM, AK, etc. Accuracy varies greatly, however, between individual rifles to a greater extent to other rifles in its class, probably due to insufficient quality control during the manufacturing process.

romanian scope

In the hands of a capable shooter and with quality ammunition such as 7N1 and 7N14 a PSL is capable of 1 Minute of angle approximately 1" at yards or less while the rifles on the other end of the spectrum are only capable of about 3 MOA. The PSL has, however, gained notoriety due to bolt carriers cracking when used with heavy ball grain or greater ammo and silencersin part thanks to the lack of adjustable gas. Aftermarket gas system upgrades both PSL dedicated and retrofitted standard AK have been known to solve the problem.

Another, more risky, solution is to drill out the gas transfer port and fit a vented screw which has a narrower vent diameter than the starting port size inside. PSL rifles have some notable features, the skeleton stock is somewhat similar to the Dragunov's but includes an interesting corrugated and spring-loaded stamped steel buttplate. When the rifle is fired this helps reduce the felt recoil to a degree.

The cheek riser on the comb of the stock is angled to benefit the right-handed shooter primarily. Some owners feel the cheek pad is not high enough to adequately attain a rigid cheek weld and have to make do with a chin weld.

The butt stock is much shorter than most Western shooters are used to. This is because Romanian soldiers active during the Winter often operate in very cold climates and wear thick winter coats while on duty. In theory, a rubber stock extender is to be fitted during the hot Romanian summer, but one is not issued with the rifle.

IOR is a Romanian company which has been making optics since JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. IOR short for Romanian Optical Enterprise with its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania is one of the major optics companies, established in During WWII the company produced first military scopes and after the war obtained reputation of one of the best optics companies alongside famous western manufacturers from Germany.

IOR was one of the most powerful companies that offered optics for satellites and telescopes. In they produced eyeglass lenses in first didactic microscopes and in the first camera.

During the s they launched the first medical instruments for ophthalmology and laboratory microscopes and also launched photography camera. Optical modernizations in 70s help them to expand and offer other optical electronics, lasers, metrology and thermal vision systems.

IOR company offers binocularsspotting scopestelescopesrangefindersnight vision and riflescopes in sports optics branch. Suitable for hunters, bird watchers, policeman, marksman and other law enforcement applications would meet every needs. They also offer red dots and scope mounts. Show more.Since we have been at the fore front of mail order in the outdoor goods industry.

The passion with which we started all this, still burns deep and our customers always come first. The same core values that started our businesses are the same values we operate by every day. Thank you for shopping with a true American company, supporting Americans and creating American Jobs. It does make a difference no matter what anyone tries to tell you!

We are still safe, healthy, open and shipping orders. We know you need product now more than ever and we are here to help you get through these times. Just as we have done for over 40 years, through good times and bad times, David's Collectibles has your back.

We may be leveling off new infections and in some areas we may have crossed the hump. It's not over by any means, but as a nation we are working to whip this thing. Practice social distancing, and stay home if you can. Keep strong! First, this will end.

Sniper Scopes

How long, nobody knows. Most likely it will be similar to the flu season, it will wind down when the weather turns warm and people are not huddled together against the cold. The main difference with this and the flu is the amount of time this can live on surfaces. It appears that someone with the virus can sneeze or touch a surface and live strains can live as long as 9 days if the surface is not disinfected.

This is startling when you figure most cold and flu germs have a surface life of minutes to a few hours. Great addition to your Mauser K98 rifle. Sling is a new production of the famous German battle sling from WW2. Sling has the correct through the stock frog and adjuster clasps. High quality sling is a great addition to complete your K98 Mauser. Leather sling has the cross hatch pattern in the leather. Rear of the sling has the sling frog to hold the through the stock attachment at the rear.

Sling has metal buckle length adjuster and leather keepers. When you really need clear vision these glasses really do the job. UL rated sun glasses protect your eyes from the sun. ANSI rated lenses protect you from flying objects and the amber lenses give you sharp vision contrast.

These give you better vision at night and during cloudy days to keep you at the top of your game in all conditions. Glasses wear very well and will not slip off your head when you are active. A must for every outdoor lover. Easy wearing light weight poly frames with rubber inserts for grip. Flexable frames for great fit and wear. Cap enhances the view and sharpens the view of the target.Ever wondered what that weird contraption on the left hand side of your WASR receiver is all about?

Figure 1: This thing is not just to massage your back and rip your coat when the WASR is on the sling Yes, we know, it scrapes you clothes and hurts your spine when you carry the rifle on it's sling, but the Romanians did not add this as an ergonomic feature It is the Russian version of a quick release scope mount!

Not all AKM's come with a scope mount plate. Two things you can do with this plate or actually 3, if you count just filing down the sharp edges, repainting and ignoring it : 1. If you want to stay original get a Romanian made version; its called the TIP2. Figure 2:This is how the scope mounts to the Rifle.

Notice that it leaves the iron sights usable! If so, consider using any of the Amazon ads on this site as the starting point of your next online shopping expedition. This helps us keep our lights on and, it might make you feel good:. Request new password. Navigation Polls. Russian 7. Magnifier with Flip-to-side. AK Cleaning Rod. Kalashnikov Rifles. Buttstock Cleaning Kit. Feedjit Live Blog Stats. WASR Scope. WASR Optics Yes, we know, it scrapes you clothes and hurts your spine when you carry the rifle on it's sling, but the Romanians did not add this as an ergonomic feature Login to post comments.RPK operator can easily hit an E-4 full-size target into head at to meters.

Snipers now use more powerful x42 optical scopes, and say that these are the things they always wanted to have. I thought I was the only one that bought one of the 3x9 1P21 rifle scopes!

You're right, it is a great scope for a SVD, and one of my favorites SVD Discussion Board. Check other SVD rifle scopes from Binocularsmart.

romanian scope

Copyright Binocularsmart. Single piece sturdy body style. These rifle-scopes f eature: Superb Light gathering with the huge 52 mm tube. Ideal for low light conditions! High-quality multi-coated lenses provide superior light transmission and contrast to deliver a bright, defined and distortion-free image.

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Fully shockproof and waterproof. Gas filled optical system is abslutely fogproof. Red Illuminated reticule assures fast and easy target sighting at any light condition. Check the reticle description below. This is one of the coolest reticles we have ever seen on the rilfle scopes. Field of view. Overall dimensions. Operating Temperature. Exit pupil diameter.

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