Funny office fridge clean out email

Is your shared office refrigerator filled with mystery items, funky smells and 5-month-old yogurt? Regularly check refrigerator and freezer temps with kitchen thermometers.

For a detailed chart showing the safe storage times for refrigerators and freezers, visit www. Clean up spills immediately using hot soapy water.

funny office fridge clean out email

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Food safety office safety Office workers. Food storage tips Regarding food storage, Foodsafety. Items such as mayonnaise, ketchup and other condiments should be refrigerated after opening. Be mindful of expiration dates. If a food item is past its use-by date or the food looks questionable, throw it out.

If food looks or smells funny, or you can see mold forming, discard the item. Make cleaning the refrigerator a shared responsibility at your office.

Circulate these safety tips among your co-workers, who may be unaware of the importance of maintaining a clean fridge. Related Articles Keep the office fridge clean β€” and safe. Eating at your desk? Keep it safe. Commute by bike? Stay safe and follow the rules. Report Abusive Comment Thank you for helping us to improve our forums.

Is this comment offensive? Please tell us why.How Can We Help? At PaperStreet we embrace our inner child and regularly partake in jokes and sarcasm. We admit that our philosophy is modern, and enjoy making the workplace a fun atmosphere. Just like any company, the staff at PaperStreet receives a lot of emails in one day. The types of emails that get the least amount of attention are the internal emails about lunch arrangements, parking problems and general scheduling of monthly meetings.

If it is coming from in-house, sometimes it is hard to elicit the response you need from your co-workers. Chelseaour Assistant Extraordinaire, has mastered internal emails and as a result gets the response she needs from the PaperStreet staff.

Her approach works. As I mentioned, over the top greetings, obnoxious salutations and references to movies and viral videos are the norm in the PaperStreet office. Make sure that your email fits your workplace culture violating those norms is not a good idea.

A simple smiley face or play on words can set your email apart from the hundreds your staff is used to receiving on a daily basis.

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Sitemap Legal Disclaimers. Skip to main content. Call Contact Us Menu. Try spicing it up. Check it out. Crafting the Perfect Message to Co-Workers Here are some tips for effectively emailing your co-workers about internal office affairs. Effective Subject Line : Make your subject line interesting, something not related to business.

A unique headline will help your email standout from the daily business messages.

funny office fridge clean out email

Short and sweet: Keep it short, put the facts up front and mix in a little humor. Establish credibility: The best method is to have all internal communication via email come from one person. That way your staff will learn to expect this specific kind of information from the established point person and all questions will be answered from the same source.

Humor: We recommend a little humor in your interoffice emails, especially if the correspondence is because of an upcoming special event holidays, birthdays, retirement.By Lucy Waterlow for MailOnline. Nevermind meeting deadlines and achieving targets, it seems just dealing with fellow employees can be highly stressful for some office workers. A collection of passive aggressive notes contributed to Bored Panda shows that some staff can really rub their co-workers up the wrong way when it comes to sharing office space.

From having their food stolen from the communal fridge to being annoyed by those who fail to tidy up after themselves, some irked workers have chosen to express their annoyance by writing a passive aggressive note.

But as the Bored Panda thread shows, not all their co-workers take their vexation seriously and have responded with amusing messages of their own. Scroll down for video. Dave discovers name-tagging his drinks doesn't work when he isn't the only Dave in the office as passive aggressive notes in the workplace are shared on Bored Panda.

One worker pokes fun at the trend for name-tagging food in communal fridges with this message stating: 'Today I had a tuna sandwich named Kevin'. It seems Debbie is a repeat offender when it comes to stealing food leading to these passive aggressive notes. The fridge is a particular war zone with those trying to stake a claim to their own food by writing their names on it being thwarted at every attempt.

When one worker called Dave asked his colleague's to leave his name-tagged iced tea bottles alone with the sarcastic sign 'Is your name Dave? My name IS Dave! Thanks for the free drink! Daves 4 life! At another office, someone mocked the way people name-tagged their lunches by putting up a sign saying: 'Strange new trend at the office.

People putting names on food in the company fridge. Today I had a tuna sandwich named Kevin.

funny office fridge clean out email

A warning over using a microwave leads to an exchange of witty notes in one workplace but it seems one employee is deadly serious about colleagues keeping their hands off. One worker is told they are 'very strange' for pointing out they 'bring my ice home home! Please don't take it! This employee would rather their colleagues had stolen all their food rather than leaving it half eaten. Suggesting it wasn't Christian to take someone else's drink from the communal fridge backfired for one note leaver who was left a reply pretending to quote the Bible.

An amusing cartoon of 'spoiled milk' was added when worker requested colleagues shut the fridge door to stop it going off. Another worker takes their colleague's request ti 'date the food cans' too literally. A cunning disguise left to fool a co-worker in this fridge when their drink is pinched.

Another sore point is those who leave a shared kitchen untidy or commit the crime of using someone else's mug. One particularly possessive office worker left a note for their colleagues telling them in no uncertain terms: 'People know not to touch my mug. It is one with reindeers on. But they were mocked by their co-workers who posted a picture of the mug with them all touching it with their finger tips and the message: 'We can't help it.Web publisher, online influencer and website builder.

He own and manage multiple blogs, including Noobpreneur. Off-work, he loves playing games and basketball. Uh oh! The office fridge can be a huge bone of contention β€” who is taking up the most shelf space? Who finished the last of the communal milk? The natural response to each of these issues? A comically passive aggressive note, of course! It seems this attempt at a passive aggressive note may have back-fired on Dave a bit!

We might pass on that one…. Jeez, you try to be generous and instead you upset the entire office! Perhaps keep the slimming aids to yourself in future. It would seem that Debbie has quite the reputation! Including a laxative in your soup is certainly one way of deterring people from stealing it. Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all! This genius has thought of a cunning way to ensure that come lunchtime their food is still where they left it. We can only hope the person with the pudding can say the same thing!

We just want to know who would steal just half a slice of bread?! Who needs company-wide emails when you can start a post-it note chain in the fridge? Rather than throwing gone off food away, serve the owner with an eviction notice and ensure the offending item remains there for all of eternity.

Either way, it could be an extremely good point, or perhaps just a slight over-reaction! Mmm, tasty, tasty poison curry! Also, the contents are probably not worth issuing a death threat over….As someone who works at home, I can only imagine the detritus that ends up in a communal office fridge and kitchen. And the dubious behaviours it attracts. Belinda Lyone, general manager at COS Working Spaces, has a revolting story about someone who was caught taking a glass out of a cupboard, filling it with water and drinking from it, then replacing it back in the cupboard without washing it.

I asked her what businesses should do in this situation given there might be a problem with the culprit being publically named and shamed. It's not a good idea to do anything like put a picture of them on the employee staff board saying naughty boy. Share-house style fridges are not fun at work.

Credit: Istock. Passive-aggressive behaviours around the office kitchen are truly funny β€” as long as it's not your office.

16 Funny Notes Left in the Dirty Office Fridge

A common approach to kitchen management is the passive-aggressive sign. The internet is replete with them: "Please date your food! Or "Why are there names on food in the fridge? The sandwich called Warren was delicious! Amusing as these are, I'm sure it's truly annoying to find your food eaten, mouldy half-eaten lunches and whatever else occupies the innards of the office fridge.

Which means there has to be rules around how people treat the kitchen and fridge. Susan Drew, senior regional director of recruitment firm Hays, agrees cleanliness is next to godliness in the workplace.

If offices are not kept clean and hygiene is neglected it could lead to illness, which also leads to people taking time off work and lower productivity," she says. Lyone says office cleanliness is all about setting expectations and standards.

16 Funny Notes Left in the Dirty Office Fridge

One reason for this is because people move jobs and different companies handle situations in different ways. It's important for business owners to be clear about their expectations around food," she says, adding she's a fan of a strongly worded but friendly sign. But signage around how to use the fridge is helpful. A bit of humour is always fun, but don't be rude," she adds.

Lyone says some companies have a schedule for cleaning the fridge, with the responsibility moving from department to department.

How to Clean A Fridge! (Clean With Me)

The risk is the marketing team will do a stellar job but the IT team will be slap dash. So it's probably better if cleaning the fridge is someone's appointed responsibility and there are processes around managing food such as labelling it with people's names.

Some businesses provide food for staff. But this comes with its own set of issues. For instance, how many pieces of fruit is it OK to eat each day? If you're not into fruit, does that mean you can have an extra muffin? It's a minefield for small businesses. You can take away privileges like biscuits or flash teas if the kitchen is filthy dirty. I have even seen some businesses put cameras in the kitchen. Others prefer a reward system, so if the fridge is kept clean, staff get treats like cakes.

It's important to have a clean office kitchen. Apart from helping to create a good office culture, it helps prevent the spread of germs. There's an argument that if you have a clean workplace, you've got a clearer mind. And a tidy office is a good way to keep talented staff. Your office fridge doesn't need to be disgusting.The office fridge can be a mess Something has spilt, something's been left That plastic container has been there a year No one will open it, out of fear.

Expiry dates have long been ignored Drinks are lined up on the door Is it yours or is it mine? I can't remember if I brought that kind.

Lots of lunches there to see That one's green though - should it be? The office fridge can be a friendly place If people don't abuse the space. If you put in a lunch, be sure to claim And identify with date and name Clean out the fridge when you have time And make Fridays the "throw-out" deadline. Lynn Crosbie writes office etiquette poems in Ottawa, Canada. She has been an Administrative Assistant for over 25 years. You can contact her through this blogspot or by emailing me at pattyannrobb rogers.

Funny poem with some good advice. It seems the office refrigerator is treated the same in a lot of workplaces. Someone emailed me today and said their office fridge was so bad their solution was to throw the whole refrigerator out and buy a new one.

Here are a few common sense approaches to the office refrigerator that were on the Etiquette School of Ohio's blogsite. Click here to go to site. Enjoy your lunch everyone! Post a Comment. The office fridge can be a mess Something has spilt, something's been left That plastic container has been there a year No one will open it, out of fear Expiry dates have long been ignored Drinks are lined up on the door Is it yours or is it mine?

I can't remember if I brought that kind Lots of lunches there to see That one's green though - should it be? The office fridge can be a friendly place If people don't abuse the space If you put in a lunch, be sure to claim And identify with date and name Clean out the fridge when you have time And make Fridays the "throw-out" deadline Lynn Crosbie writes office etiquette poems in Ottawa, Canada.

Posted by Patricia Robb at Reactions:. Labels: Administrative Assistantoffice fridgeoffice humoroffice humourpoem. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Helping businesses achieve a healthier work environment and a cleaner world. Office cleaning just got simpler get the best tips and resources to help you keep your office pristine and green. A great looking offices helps you and your team focus on whats important.

Keeping your office clean is not just a one man job! It is important for employers and workers alike to get on board with office cleanliness, no matter where you work. Offices big and small often need reminders, and that's why so many memos are out there. We've compiled a list of the top 10 memo templates and samples to help you and your office become a cleaner, happier place!

Looking for a trustworthy office cleaning company in Kitchener, Ontario? Contact Kitchener Clean today if you would like to know more about keeping your office clean and your employees healthy.

Looking for bilingual memos and signs? Here are the top 10 memo templates and samples we've found around the web!

Keep the office fridge clean – and safe

This awesome website provides a clear explanation as to why you might need a "Keep Kitchen Clean" memo template, whether you work in a restaurant or an office setting.

It provides two great sample memos for you to use and modify however you need to for your specific workplace. There are many variations of the sign above, but the message in all of them stays the same. It is a great reminder that specifically targets employees who may be in a rush after using the bathroom to wash their hands and help keep the office clean and germ-free.

Signs like the one above are inexpensive to purchase and easy to write out by hand if necessary. This simple office memo can go a long way. Another great office memo from Coverlettersandresume. It includes a bullet point section for managers and employers to list some simple ways employees can do their part in keeping the office clean. For example, one suggestion on the list is a reminder to always use a liner in trash cans for clean and easy disposal of garbage.

If you are having trouble with messy employees, this is a great memo template to use. This second video by Staples may not look like your average office memo template, but videos can be an effective way of encouraging great office health and safety practices!

If your office is struggling with a spreading flu, maybe send everyone this funny, quick video as a reminder to keep their work areas and themselves!

As shown in the video, keeping cleaning wipes at your desk is a good way to help prevent the spread of the flu. Sometimes, videos may even work better than a written memo. They are easy to remember, especially if they are funny. This memo includes the temperature your fridge should stay at, how to remove odours, and how to practice safe cleaning.

Print it off and post it on your office fridge or email it to staff.

Is Your Office Fridge Out of Control? Send This to Your Co-Workers Before Things Get Really Bad

This office memo is a good example of an effective, practical office memo. As bringing your dog to work becomes more and more common, there are new office etiquette rules that employees should be quick to learn and follow.

If your office allows pets, consider putting up this great office memo infographic. It tells workers how to keep their pets feeling comfortable and safe at work, but it also reminds workers that bringing in a pet can cause allergic reactions for some colleagues or clientele. It gives tips on reducing possible allergens, keeping everyone happy and healthy.

Perfume and fragrances in the workplace can cause real, sometimes even serious problems to workers, employers, and even clients who are sensitive or allergic. Posting a memo like the one above can help create an atmosphere of awareness and caring. Not everyone is aware of how scents can affect others, and promoting clean, fragrance-free air is a great way to help everyone in the office.

If a poster is not enough to discourage the use of fragrances in your office, you may want to look into creating a policy and distributing that memo to everyone in the workplace. The American Lung Association has provided the public with a sample of a fragrance free workplace policy.

This sample policy can help those who may not know how to write a policy such as this one, and in turn, help those in the workplace who are sensitive to scents.

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